How much is a website creation?

There is no fixed cost of the product. There are different types of sites, different functionality and scope. In determining the cost of the site the complexity of the design is also considering. To view the prices for the basic package of services, the MMG UAE company will provide you with an offer. To determine the exact cost of the site, we offer our clients to fill the brief form, then MMG UAE will introduce you the offer price ASAP.

Terms of site creation?

From 20 days to 3 months. Timing depends on the complexity of the product. Our team operates efficiently and we fix these condition in our contract.

What is required from the client for quality site creation?

The quality of the site also depends on the client. Providing the full scope of the required information, its timely supply, the quality of provided material, customer´s participation in the process of creating the product helps to increase level of product quality and to short the product making.

How is the site support provided

Developed sites we place on our hosting (unless otherwise customer’s wish). We are responsible for the stable operation of our sites. We prevent faults, troubleshooting. Backup is performed automatically once per day.

How can client update information on his site?

In order to our client could easily fill the site content, each site has a Content Management System (CMS) and the admin panel, where the client can make changes. Our company provides free training materials site administration.

How to provide the web site at the top of search engines issue?

Web promotion is a complex and long process that includes a number of important factors. Three main are:

  • High-quality and unique content.
  • Internal optimization (usability, crosslinking, meta tags, adaptive layout).
  • Behavioral factors (depth view the web site, time spent on it, conversions, updates of search engines).

Observance of these factors will allow the web site to earn a good reputation with the search robots, respectively, the site will gain a position in search engines issue, which will increase the conversion of the site, and as a consequence, increase the flow of customers.